Product Advisory

Thoughout 2006 we have had reported to us sporadic incidents of counterfeit Med Marijuana™ branded products finding their way into the Canadian marketplace both in retail establishments and through community distributors who had been hoodwinked by slick talking telephone callers.

We have contained the threats as we have been made aware of them but as a general caution to our many thousands of clients who have come to depend on the benefits of our products for their health, we wish to provide an easily recognizable way to differentiate the real McCoy from the imposter product. Chances of your being offered counterfeit product are slim but- but please check for our “Seal of Authenticity” on every bottle.

On the label of every genuine bottle of Med Marijuana™ Cannabis Sativa GelCaps is a “Certified Organic” seal unique to our product labelling and not found on the counterfeit version. Check for exactly the seal noted in the diagram below.

BARCODE NOTE: Genuine Med Marijuana™ GelCaps may bear various Barcode numbering formats depending on the area, retail or community distribution, production time, etc. As such, the barcode on the labels has no bearing on the product authenticity.