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FDA urges people to avoid peanut butter products (AP)

The Peanut Corp. of America plant is seen on Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009, in Blakely, Ga. The plant that may be linked to a nationwide salmonella outbreak. Peanut Corp. of America voluntarily recalled peanut butter produced at the plant, pending the outcome of an investigation. (AP Photo/Elliott Minor)AP – Federal health authorities on Saturday urged consumers to avoid eating cookies, cakes, ice cream and other foods that contain peanut butter until authorities can learn more about a deadly outbreak of salmonella contamination.

High risk medical devices escaped close review (AP)
AP – Some medical devices for sensitive uses, from certain hip joints to a type of defibrillator, have won government approval without a close scientific review, congressional investigators said Thursday.
FDA pledges openness on gene-altered products (AP)
AP – Federal health officials Thursday pledged a new, open process for approving drugs and foods from genetically engineered animals.
DVD teaches autistic kids what a smile means (AP)

September 2008 file photo of Professor Simon Baron-Cohen photographed in the Great Court at Trinity College, Cambridge England. For the past three years, Professor Baron-Cohen has been working on a cartoon series that new research shows is dramatically effective in helping children with autism understand and recognise emotions. The DVD 'The Transporters' goes on sale in United States on January 12. (AP Photo/Brian Harris)AP – It wasn’t until Jude met Jenny that the 3-year-old autistic boy understood what happy people look like. Jenny, a green trolley car with a human face, had a furrowed brow when her wheel buckled and she got stuck on a track. But after being rescued by friends, she smiled broadly and that’s when something clicked for little Jude Baines.

Lilly settles Zyprexa suit for $1.42 billion (AP)

In this Jan. 11, 2008 file photo, bottles of the anti-psychotic drug Zyprexa are seen at an Eli Lilly and Co. facility in Plainfield, Ind.  Eli Lilly & Co. on Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009 said it pleaded guilty to a charge that it illegally marketed Zyprexa for an unapproved use, and will pay $1.42 billion to settle civil suits and end the criminal investigation. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings, file)AP – Eli Lilly & Co. taught its sales force a catchy slogan to peddle the antipsychotic drug Zyprexa for treating the elderly.

Obesity may raise risk of ovarian cancer (Reuters)

A woman walks along the boardwalk while leaving the U.S. Open tennis tournament in New York September 4, 2007. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)Reuters – Obese women may have a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer than their thinner counterparts, a large study of U.S. women suggests.

New ‘Joy of Sex’ Slim on Science (LiveScience.com)
LiveScience.com – An updated edition of “The Joy of Sex” is newly released this month with more sexological detail, but the how-to manual remains scientifically superficial on the topic of anatomy.
Clinical Trials Update: Jan. 16, 2009 (HealthDay)
HealthDay – (HealthDay News) — Here are the latest clinical trials, courtesy of CenterWatch:
National Children’s Study Begins Recruiting (HealthDay)
HealthDay – FRIDAY, Jan. 16 (HealthDay News) — Recruiting has started for a large-scale federal study that aims to track tens of thousands of children from before birth to age 21. The study is aimed at understanding of how genes and environment interact to affect health.
Health Tip: What Seniors Eat (HealthDay)
HealthDay – (HealthDay News) — Nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle at any age, a requirement that doesn’t change as you get older.
Genetic Data May Predict Colon Cancer Odds (HealthDay)
HealthDay – FRIDAY, Jan. 16 (HealthDay News) — Areas of deleted genetic data in key DNA may prove to be a biomarker that predicts whether a person will develop colon cancer, a new study finds.


Info Source for Full-THC Cannabis

Institute of Medicine Report- Marijuana

Health Canada Medical Marijuana Program

Pitt U. Alternative Medicine

Cannabis Facts

GLA Info

Yale U. Health Info

FDA recommends Omega’s for Heart Health

Omega Health

Mayo Clinic Health Info

Omega’s for Health

Welcome to the Canadian home of Med Marijuana™. We have been researching the health benefits of the cannabis sativa plant for over twenty five years and the benefits of that work are ready now for you, in our produce. Our natural health products are all manufactured from 100% organic cannabis sativa, grown especially for you on the finest agricultural land in the country.

Whether you are searching for a product for yourself, a relative, a pet or even your horse- we have developed products for all mammals because we believe that all creatures deserve optimum health. We invite you to come in and Read More…

We do it all for you. During the early stages of our research we looked at the health maintenace practices of rural third world areas. These people did not have the convenience of a pharamacy around the corner to sell them a drug for every conceivable situation- they had to make do with what was on the land. A large part of their pharmacopia were preparations made from cannabis sativa– which, we went on to learn, has been used for an untold number of health issues since time began…

People today are tired of ingesting synthetic molecules optimized for profit and not for health. People wish to return to the simple, effective natural health alternatives found in nature.

Med Marijauna™ distributors are people who care. We did not attempt to mass market our products as so many others do. We wanted our produce to be made available to all who could benefit from it. To accomplish this, we began our company with a unique system of community based distribution. We put the products into the communities- where they belonged. We now have community distributors in every area of the country. Call or email today to find the one closest to you for a free consultation or visit our distribution section here.

Recently, to broaden the reach of the products, we have made the products available in select retail outlets. Not mass merchandisers who put things on a shelf and leave you to sort through them, but stores that knew the products and knew health- health food stores, naturaopaths offices, veterinary clinics and such. Click here to find one close to you…

Our company and our products have always been found newsworthy due to the facts that they are unique, effective and natural. We are quite proud of them and are posting some to this site for you to see too… We’ve begun with some press clippings which may be accessed here.

Shortly we will be adding some TV and radio spots as well…stay tuned!


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