What We Produce

All of us here on the farm are proud of of what we produce on the land. Everything that goes into our Med Marijuana™ packages was made right here- by us.

Marijuana Production Facility

We aren’t some big corporation buyin’ ingredients wherever we can get a deal on ’em and stickin’ it all together in a fancy bottle and pushin’ it with slick ads. We’re just simple country people who do what we do well- the way our folks taught us and the way their folks taught them.


We’ve been farmin’ this little piece of paradise for four generations now and we understand this land. We know how to get the goodness out of it and into our produce, which ultimately ends up on your kitchen counter. We know our products work for you and that you like ’em- you tell us every single day of life.


We follow strict organic practices here on the farm- always have, always will. We just never used to call it “organic”, though. Back in Grandads’ day we just called it farmin’ . These days though, in order to help explain that we small dirt farmers aren’t a part of the big factory farm gang- who are usin’ every toxic and carcenogenic chemical known to man in their fields in the name of efficiency and profit- we say that we are old time natural by callin’ it organic these days.


Everything you get inside a Med Marijuana™ package came from right here. It’s full of the natural goodness of the Canadian land and it’s good for you! You got my word on that…


We like to explain bout our products a bit to any newcomers comin’ here to the farm. Just choose one of the product pictures under here, and you’ll get the whole story on it.