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Buy medical marijuana in a store

When we first started growin Cannabis Sativa and then makin the crops into fine health products, we only sold the produce at the farm gate. We’re farmers- people of the land- not some fancy smancy promotions business people, so that’s all we knew.


We soon figured out that selling only at our gate wasn’t really going to do much to put these fine products into the hands and medicine chests of the folks across the country who needed ’em the most. That’s when we decided to invite some good, down to earth folks across the country to help us spread the word about our Cannabis produce and get it into their neighbors hands.


We were careful about who we invited to help us out- just honest, neighbourly type folks who are more interested in helpin’ their neighbor than makin a profit.We went on like that for years, til we had community based distributors right across the country, like we planned.


Still though, some folks just weren’t gettin the type of access that they wanted. Sometimes folks would hear or read about the produce and the reports of what it does for folks- and they’d want some right away, without waitin for some to come in the mail.


We got to thinkin’…wouldn’t it be nice if folks could just go down to the corner store if they wanted to and pick up some fresh Med Marijuana farm produce. Then we said- Why Not! So, just this past summer we started allowin the finest and most knowledgeable specialty retailers in the country to carry parts of our line of produce and some of em we let stock it all for you folks.


Down below here, you’ll see a picture of a retail store and a picture of one of our distributors. If you click on one of them we’ll show you a map with all of our provinces then you can click on your province to get a list of retail outlets there or information on how to get in touch with our Licensed Dealer around those parts.


Community Distributors:


In the way we do things, we are workin towards havin what we call a Licensed Dealer in every province with some provinces havin more to look after you. Our local dealers look after all of the distributors around them, makin sure they have lots of stock, readin material for you and to make sure everything runs smooth. We have dealers in most parts now but are just startin to look for the right type of down home folks for the remaining areas.


On the map, is someone for you in every area. If you choose to obtain your produce from a distributor, they have access to our entire line, have detailed product knowledge as this is all the produce that they sell, can offer you free consultations either in person or on the phone and they can get your produce to you lickety split. Give em a call- no matter where you purchase your produce, you’ll be pain about the same price and it’s all fresh, all organic, all natural and all Cannabis Sativa.


Retail Outlets:


As I said, this is a new area for us and we want to do it right- for you. We didn’t want to put the produce into big mass merchandisers like they got all over the place these days. Those big stores leave it up to the customer to find their own way without any help or advice, all to save a nickel for themselves.


We wanted our outlets to know somethin’ ’bout the products and care ’bout their clients too – that’s why we chose speciality shops. Now a days you’ll find our produce in a growin number of health food stores, pet boutiques, pharmacies, stable supply shops and the like- all places that specialize in those areas and have people there that know their stuff. The only downside to this, if there is one, is that not all retail outlets will carry the whole line of produce like the community distributors do…wouldn’t really make too much sense to ask a pharmacy to carry horse feed or ask a stable supply shop to sell somethin for dogs.


So, we try to make it easy for you, our clients, to get our stuff. Give us a call at our office or drop us a line any time if you have some suggestions on how to make it easier for you 🙂